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"Change Your Vibration, Change Your Health" article by Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins in Essential

Updated: May 10, 2020

In Quantum Physics the Law of Vibration states that everything in our universe, whether visible or invisible, is in a constant state of motion. When anything is reduced to its most basic form it exists as pure light or energy. When viewed under a high-powered microscope, even solid inanimate matter exists as vibrating units or “pockets” of energy, each with their own unique rate of vibration and energetic imprint. So, essentially, everything from inanimate objects to living beings is vibrating at its own natural frequency.

Vibration is an oscillation or back and forth movement about a point of equilibrium. Vibration can be rhythmic or chaotic. Vibration is measured in frequency which refers to the number of oscillations or movements per unit of time. Frequency is measured in cycles per second which we refer to as hertz. The fundamental frequency of the earth’s atmosphere is about 8 Htz., which means it is vibrating at a rate of about 8 cycles per second.

Each of the various cell and tissue types in our bodies emit their own natural frequencies. In 1992 Bruce Tainio built a machine that was able to determine the average frequency of the human body as whole and the average frequency of certain organs and glands. He also demonstrated that when these tissue types are diseased their vibrations decrease significantly. He found that when the frequency of the human body as a whole drops, the immune system is compromised. Dr. Royal Rife, creator of the Rife Machine, believed that each disease process has its own unique frequency. Through several years of my own work with vibration and sound healing, I also believe that each disease has its own frequency and energetic footprint. It is possible to have isolated pockets of cells or tissues within the body that are diseased and emitting lower frequencies, while other areas of the body maintain their natural healthy state of vibration.

When one vibratory body is in close proximity to another of “harmonic likeness,” their frequencies will synchronize. This effect is called Sympathetic Resonance. Resonance is the prolongation or “spreading” of a vibration through a medium (such as air, water, sold objects, bone, anything). This is how everything in the universe, including the human body, is affected by external vibrations, both wanted and unwanted. For example, if you are hiking in the woods you may feel energized and happy. But if you are doing your taxes you may feel achy, tired and depleted. Even though hiking takes more physical effort, it is more energizing because it increases your overall vibration by influence of the high frequency life forms, such as trees, animals, sunshine, and water. Also, you have eliminated the low frequency influences such as cell towers, environmental toxins, fluorescent lighting, and demands placed upon you by others.

The body’s natural drive to thrive will always intend to reach its natural healthy state of vibration, no matter how strong a lower vibration influence may be. When you feel bad – physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally – you are feeling the gap between your intended natural healthy frequency and the state of frequency at which you are currently vibrating. So, when you feel bad you can perceive this feeling as an alert signal. Your body is telling you to change something! Vibration can be changed quickly and easily. You may not always feel 100% better immediately, but it is possible (and very likely) that you will feel change immediately.

There are many ways you can increase your vibration very simply on your own to start the self-healing process. One of my favorites ways of increasing vibration is with sound. As I said above, everything is vibration and emits frequency. This includes things we cannot see, such as sound, light, and color. These all affect us via Sympathetic Resonance. Here are some very powerful daily practices using sound that I recommend for increasing your vibration:

Vocal Toning. Our vocal cords create a biological instrument contained within our own bodies that can be self-played and produce consciously directed outcomes. Initiating the mechanism of the human voice is much more complex than it seems. It takes an intricately orchestrated chain of events for the human vocal cords to work. The process involves the coordination of the lungs, the larynx (which contains the vocal cords) and the articulator muscles (such as the epiglottis, tongue, lips). It is our breath flowing past the vocal cords that creates the sound. But we must first take in a breath before we can let one out. So, breathing is also required. It is through our breath that we become aware of the connection between our body, mind and spirit. In this way we are always offered a foundation of wholeness from which we can begin the process of vocalization.

One way to play our own biological instruments for the purpose of self-healing is to consciously “tone” or vocalize words of love and compassion. You can do this by sitting quietly with yourself as if you were going to meditate. Take several deep breaths, consciously noticing how your breath feels filling up your belly and chest, going in and out of your lungs, past your throat. When you are ready, on a deep in breath say the words “I AM” in your mind. On the outbreath say the word “LOVE”, lingering the word as if you’re singing, but not making any effort to be in tune with any particular melody. Let your voice relax into its natural, effortless pitch. Carry the word on the outbreath for as long as you comfortably can, then repeat this process several times. You can also voice specific chants or mantras that are meaningful to you, or tones that are specific to each Chakra (energy channel) of the body. For example, the vocal tone for the first Chakra is “Lam,” for the second Chakra is “Vam,” then Ram, Yam, Ham, Sham and OM, respectively from the first to seventh Chakras.

Words. “Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity,” says Yehuda Berg, a world-renowned author, speaker and teacher of spirituality. You’ve just learned how to play your own biological instrument for vocal toning. You can also play it for every word that you say. Words are possibly the most powerful tools we have to change our vibration, as well as to affect the vibrations of others around us. Spoken words are not only vocal sounds – they are sounds with intention and meaning attached to them. Before we can come up with a word or group of words to say we must first have a thought and an intention behind them. This gives them direction and purpose. We must choose our words with the conscious intention of respect and say them with the conscious tone of kindness. We must be “impeccable with our word,” as Dr. Don Miguel-Ruiz teaches us in his book, “The Four Agreements.”

Nature. Focus on a sound in nature for a few minutes every day, whenever you get the chance. The tones that I use in my office are sacred healing musical scales, and so are the sounds of nature. Wind blowing, waves crashing, water trickling, rain falling, ducks quacking, trees rustling, birds singing, chipmunks chirping…. these are all healing sounds of nature. Even if you’re darting around the city on a work day, for just a moment, try shifting your attention from the noise of traffic and city hustle to sounds of wind blowing, rain drops falling, a bird chirping. When you put your attention on one of these sounds and just listen, you are allowing the vibration of that natural tone to align your own personal vibration with nature. And it can be done anywhere!

Check out this article in Essential Living Maine Magazine!

Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, DO is an osteopathic physician in Portland Maine. She has several years of experience studying, researching and performing sound and vibrational healing. She also does osteopathic manipulation, cranial osteopathy, medical intuition and Reiki at her practice. Her office is located at 224 East Main St, Yarmouth, Maine 04096. She also has office hours at Riverbend Wellness Center in Arundel, Maine. Please contact her at: (207) 615-6956 or by or via her website:

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