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You must submit your receipt of payment for the Shift Network Class upon registration 

Level 1:  Fundamental Principles of Interval Entrainment Healing

This course will be held live streamed weekly from 

TBD 2024

Class will be LIVE and streamed online every Thursday from 11:00  AM - 3:00 PM Eastern USA Time for a total of FIVE weeks.


You will have access to all class videos for 30 days after class is complete. 

Class videos will be copyrighted and not downloadable so you will need internet access to view them.


The full LEVEL 1 course is 40 hours. You have already completed TEN lecture hours. The remaining hours are dedicated to:


Level 1 provides broad training for the body, mind, spirit and consciousness.

There are two main branches, each encompassing many concepts:


IEH Sound Therapy for Body and Energy Work©

With Soundsaber™ techniques, tuning fork intervals and overtones, anatomy points and protocols, Hands of Intention, and more...


IEH Sound Therapy for Consciousness, Thinking and Law of Attraction

Creating a Life of True Desire©



Experiential sessions performed in class - you will dig deep within yourself IN CLASS

In-depth descriptions and applications of the techniques 

Practicing and fine tuning the techniques

Completing assignments "at home" (about 2 hours per week, but it's up to you to use more or less time - it's the QUALITY of the assignment/experience that counts)

Question and Answer/Small Group Discussions

Completing a Fundamentals Exam (performing a session on a volunteer or class member)

You'll also get the IEH Workbook©


There will be take-home assignments that will also contribute to your remaining 30 hours.

The assignments are designed to work WITH your life. 

The assignments are designed to CHANGE your life. 

Your assignments are as healing for you as they are educational.

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