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“I first learned about sound healing several years ago through independent study with a particular interest in quantum physics… which teaches us that everything is vibration and everything has a frequency. The notion that everything is vibration ‘shook’ my perspective of the world and reality as a whole. I began experimenting with sound on myself using tuning forks and singing bowls and had marvelous results in healing symptoms of anxiety, back pain, digestion issues, and overall energy levels. I was so amazed that I started using my techniques on my patients, and they too reported amazing benefits in a wide variety of symptoms and disease processes.

For instance, I began modifying the treatments to be more specific to individual disease processed to get even better results. For instance, I began getting particularly good results with patients with Lyme disease and associated coinfections (such as Babesiosis and Bartonella). I reasoned that this was because the specific frequencies of vibration that I was using could loosen and disconnect the borrelia bacteria from connective tissue and release it into the blood stream for elimination from the body. I’m still working on research to prove this, but intuitively this is what I feel.

I also incorporate cranial, osteopathic, sound and tuning fork techniques that optimize function of the elimination pathways of the body (liver, gut, kidneys). This allows the bacteria and metabolic waste products that are released from the connective tissue to be more easily excreted from the body. This helps prevent a detox reaction and helps the tissues to heal more quickly.

I began developing even more techniques (using sound, tuning forks, cranial and osteopathic manipulation) specifically targeted towards Lyme bacteria’s adhesion proteins that allow it to bind so tightly to its host’s body. So far, I’m getting great results!


Additionally, I have become quite skilled in the use of tuning forks and sound healing over the last few years. I continue my study of sound healing and am currently conducting research on my own regarding its health benefits.”

Tuning Fork and Sound Healing


Targets infections including LYME DISEASE

Boosts the immune system

Increases physical energy and sense of well-being


Centers the body for stress relief and deep relaxation

Improves mental clarity and brain function

Integrates and balances left and right brain thought patterns

​Facilitates ease into dream-work and meditation

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