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Interval Healing Entrainment


Osteopathic Manipulation for all ages
Cranial Osteopathic Manipulation for all ages
Sound and Vibration Healing

Sound Immersions

Reiki and Energy Healing 



"Dr. Higgins is friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable and her work is extremely effective. I suffer with chronic low back pain and shoulder tension. She was able to diagnose the cause of my problems and systematically address them. I left feeling a sense of relief, but more importantly, a sense of trust that I finally found someone that can help me. I highly recommend Dr Higgins."   -MS

"Osteopathic Wellness is both professional and warm, and there is such a sense of positive energy. I am seeking help with chronic headaches and already seeing results after my first visit! Seeing Dr, Higgins is one of the best decisions I have made."   -LH

"Dr. Higgins has always worked wonders with her treatments for me. I suffer from a lot of back and hip pain making it hard for me to walk at times, but she has always straightened me out, finding the root cause and getting me back on track. I’m very thankful to have found her." -DD

"Dr. Higgins has incredible skills and knowledge. I feel better in so many ways."  -JB 

"The ringing in my ears improved after just one visit. After the second visit the ringing was completely gone most of the time. I'd had it for over 10 years, and I cannot believe the amazing results. A wonderful experience." JW

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