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Matter In The Atom: The Anatomy and Physics of Sound Healing

Video links will be emailed to you wihin 24 hours of registering.

CME: Approved for 12 AOA Category 1-A credits - see below.

Course Director: Shawn Marie Higgins DO

Faculty: Shawn Marie Higgins, DO 



Sound has been used as a healing practice for thousands of years in every ancient culture of which we know.

But why sound? For human beings, sound creates a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Therefore, it is by no mistake that genetically our bodies come equipped with the most sophisticated means by which to both make and interpret sound. In this class we will explore:


What sound is and the vibrational nature of reality

How sound and vibration apply to osteopathic medicine

The anatomy of the ear - outer, middle and inner

The pathway of a sound wave through the human body

The physiological and energetic effects of sound on the human body

And on life experience

Two important sacred musical scales and why they are used in sound healing 

Sound healing techniques that can be used for self healing and/or with any type healing practice

And more....

Tuning Forks

*Tuning forks will be the instrument of choice and demonstration for this class.

*They will be available to purchase on the registration form for the class

*We will use three tuning forks with the following frequencies:

Unweighted 256 Hz and 384 Hz and weighted 128 Hz tuning fork 

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