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Life-Ease™: Helping the body heal even more....

As promised, here are more Life-Easing strategies that I commonly address with my patients! To refresh your minds regarding the first three, see my previous blog post. They are Validation, Body Work, and Shifting Negative thought bias to the positive. These may seem obvious. That’s because this isn’t rocket science. These strategies are just the beginning – once these areas of healing are addressed, even just a little bit, other realms of healing with start happening in your life. Doors will open in areas of your life that you never thought possible. Doors that don’t even seem connected to what you’re eating, doing, thinking and feeling. However, for starters, the five senses (smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing) that are engaged during common activities in our everyday lives (such as eating, doing, thinking and feeling) ARE the links, the lifelines if you will, that connect the physical realm to higher vibrations and other dimensions – they help activate the sixth sense. And the seventh. And more …... who knows how many!

Anyway, I digress! Here are some more strategies:

Nutrition: What are you eating? How does what you eat make you feel? Does what you eat make you feel energized or sluggish? Light or heavy? Slim or bloated? Peaceful or anxious? Deserved or guilty? When do you eat, why do you eat, how much do you eat? Are you attached to certain foods that you tend to eat every day? Or do you vary what you eat from day to day? What type of emotional relationship do you have with food and how does this affect your physical and emotional health? Do you restrict yourself from the pleasure of certain foods out of guilt or to lose weight?

Exercise: Let’s get your body moving. If it already is moving then let’s get it doing the types of exercise, stretching and activities that will help address the specific issues that are bothering you. Certain stretches and poses can detoxify organs and open energy channels in the body that can help with your healing process. Some questions to ask about your emotions regarding exercise: Is the exercise you are already doing fun? Do you feel like exercise is forced, like a chore? Are you exercising out of guilt to lose weight because you think your body doesn’t look good enough? Or are you exercising out of love for yourself to honor the beautiful body that is already there. The intentions behind our actions – even exercise – greatly affect the outcome of those actions! Shifting intention with exercise (as well as with everything else) can be very healing.

Empowerment: Your body heals itself. You get the credit for all of it. All of the healthy behaviors and routines that you adapt from what you learn at the visits (or from the movies or books that I recommend) is hard work on your part! You decided to show up and that’s all it takes to start the healing process.

© 2017 by Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, DO

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