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The Power of Long Distant Healing

Allowing focused healing intention to act uninhibited and free from physical impressions eliminates what I call "Quantum Static."

~Shawn Marie Higgins, DO

Some people just plain respond better to this type of healing. That’s because everything is vibration. And their personal vibration is matched more equally within the vibrational field of energy transfer, than within the third dimensional field of physical transfer.

In my years as an osteopathic physician, utilizing both physical and spiritual modalities of healing, I have found that energy, sound and vibrational healing modalities are as effective, and oftentimes much more effective, than physical techniques.

One of the perks of energy, sound and vibration healing is that it can be done remotely, in other words, from a distance.

Remote visits allow you to be at home, alone, quiet, comfortable and relaxed. These types of visits eliminate much of the physical stimuli that we encounter when attending a face-to-face visit at a place of business.

With long-distance healing there is less transition

from the physical connection to the energetic connection.

The business of the physical world can distract our awareness away from the spiritual aspects of life and our connection to it. For example, when we show up to a place of business for an energy healing we’ve got to then shift gears from the physical hassle of going out and getting there to a relaxed state of receptivity. Remote healings eliminate the need for that. It takes less time and effort to just already be in that relaxed state – and then just stay there.

Quantum static™ is the best term I could come up with to describe the overall gestalt of the stuff that gets in the way of free energy exchange –

the business of the physical world.

Even people with physical symptoms and pain can have better responses to sound, vibration and energy template healing than they did with physical manipulation.

And because there is less distraction, I, as a healer, can see more clearly into the body’s energy system. I can see things there that can be easily missed when distracted by the presence of physical tissue. Addressing the energy blocks and emotional trauma stored in physical symptoms and pain is paramount to

fully healing!

Oftentimes intuitive information comes through and the patient receives messages from loved ones that have passed on or from spirit guides.

Sometimes deceased loved ones and spirit guides want to communicate with and comfort you. This is incredibly helpful to validate to YOU that the healing is REAL. Also, key advice is often given for both emotional and physical healing.

Is remote healing right for you?

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Copyright Shawn Marie Higgins March 2020

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