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Life-Ease™: Helping The Body Heal

When I see a patient I address that persons life, not just their pain or symptoms. True healing encompasses all areas of living. Easing your life takes stress off the body and can help resolve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "dis-eases." So, how do we ease our lives? Here are THREE examples of life-easing strategies that I commonly address with patients (the next post will be three more!):

Validation: Your symptoms are real. Tell me all about them. I want to hear about the symptoms and/or pain, but I also want to hear about how they affect your life.

Body Work: Trauma can be stored in the body and show up in your life as pain, anxiety, depression, or another physical illness. Osteopathic Manipulation, Cranial, Sound Healing, Tuning, Vibration and Reiki are types of body/energy treatments that I perform. The type of treatment depends on YOU the day of the treatment. And it may be more than one.

Shifting the focus of your mind and brain: Put attention on what's going RIGHT, not WRONG. Your body has more health than disease in it or you wouldn't be here. Let's shift your thoughts to draw to you more of what you want. Let's get rid of negative bias of thought.

Stay tuned for three more life-easing strategies!

© 2017 by Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, DO

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