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Sunday, May 12th



We will have a simple live guitar lead in to the mantra (and possibly other instruments)


Dr Higgins will lead us into a beautiful meditation and then mantra, honoring Motherhood in all forms.


We will give gratitude to our mothers for giving life.


We will honor the Mother Child relationship as musical intervals - Interval Entrainment Healing™


We will honor MOTHER-CHILD SOUL RESOLUTION on all levels of motherhood.

Whether your mothers and/or children are of physical OR spiritual form, it is never too late to open our hearts to soul resolution.

Connection to family members who are now in spirit is possible and very likely during this mantra meditation.


We will honor Mother Earth and our Creator. This honors all religions and your unique relationship with your Creator.



We will have the mantra experiential right before lunch. It will then be followed by a long lunch so that you may have time with your families if desired.

At the beginning of lunch, families and children are welcome to come into the room and play with the sound instruments! This gives you plenty of time to share your experience with your family and then still have time for lunch.


Additionally, the entire course is going to be videoed, so that you may have 30 days access to the whole course, including the experiential sessions and sound immersions. So, if you choose to leave early to be with your family you may do so knowing that you have full access to the course.

Although I always recommend being at courses live, I also deeply honor the most precious relationship there is – the one with our Mothers:


Mother Child, Mother Earth, Mother Self.



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