Healing with Sound and Vibration Every Thursday from 2pm-5pm Riverbend Wellness Center 1009 Portland Rd. Arundel, ME (207) 467-3391 How does sound and vibration healing work? Come find out and get a tuning fork scan. Ask questions about your individual health issues – is this type of therapy right for you? Dr. Higgins also performs osteopathic manipulation, cranial osteopathy, Reiki and spiritual intuition. Dr. Higgins sees patients at Riverbend Wellness Center on Friday afternoons and evenings – schedule your appointment today! Call (207) 615-6956 or go to Osteopathic Wellness 222 Auburn St., Ste. 103 Portland, ME 04103 207-615-6956 | www.os

Sound And Tuning Fork Healing

Tuning Fork and Sound Healing I first learned about sound healing several years ago through independent study with a particular interest in quantum physics… which teaches us that everything is vibration and everything has a frequency. Sound has vibration. Vibration is a physical wave of pressure. Waves of pressure can travel through any medium - water, air, even solid objects. This is one way that sound can travel from one source, such as a tuning fork, to reach another object, like our bodies. The notion that everything is vibration ‘shook’ my perspective of the world and reality as a whole. I began experimenting with sound on myself using tuning forks and singing bowls and had marvelous re

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